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  1. Very challenging problem! FM NobodyReally In a moment of clarity I suddenly remembered I saw this position long,…
  2. Very challenging problem! WilliamShakespeare Since I could not recall who created the study I attributed it to unkn…
  3. Teach me to play better Leon53 When I was a child, our chess coach forbade us to fast play. The tourn…
  4. Teach me to play better hicetnunc @OP : "play the opening like a book" - well, there are opening book…
  5. Teach me to play better achja @nobody47 #1 There's lots of things you can do. For example : * Lear…
  6. Very challenging problem! WilliamShakespeare I will try to find the original source.
  7. Finally a normal and correct q… achja You might have seen various "incorrect" queen sacs by me. This fun lo…
  8. Teach me to play better coledavis The advice is good but if you are a relatively low ranked player, you …
  9. Very challenging problem! DrHack Credit to source maybe? This is always helpful for others to look up …
  10. Very challenging problem! FM NobodyReally This is not your study.
  11. I'm garbage at chess Sorin_256 Just spar fishstick 7 12 hours a day
  12. ELITE CHESS TOURNAMENTS 2200+ DVRazor U means under. It can't be both U and + in U2200+ :D
  13. ELITE CHESS TOURNAMENTS 2200+ Jaksha Thank you very much ShrayanM!
  14. Very challenging problem! WilliamShakespeare Please like my study if you find it interesting!
  15. Very challenging problem! WilliamShakespeare Thanks Thibault!
  16. FEATURE REQUEST PLS - COMPETIT… MessyAnswer Sounds like a cool idea!
  17. Very challenging problem! thibault Wow, crazy stuff!
  18. ELITE CHESS TOURNAMENTS 2200+ ShrayanM elite bullet tournament is…
  19. ELITE CHESS TOURNAMENTS 2200+ Jaksha I saw once that 5 min U2200+ tournament was played, and after that nev…
  20. Very challenging problem! PrioloAlgarvio is it Nh6? lol ;D
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